Project Description

DESIGN Brand Design, Package Design, Print Design
VIDEO Editing, Filming, Motion Graphics + VFX
WEB E-Commerce Management, Web Design
MARKETING Content Creation, Social Media Campaigns, Promotions
Events N/A

I was originally hired at the PA Shop as an Account Executive due to my extensive experience in retail sales and merchandising. I quickly transitioned into helping the web sales team with highly specialized product knowledge. From there I took on the role of marketing, overseeing and executing everything from print materials for the brick and mortar store, social media content, marketing materials for the web store, and routine email marketing.

Store Banner
Email Marketing

In 2019 PA Shop decided to completely re-haul its website and undergo a rebrand. PA Shop was one of the top 3 online retailers of professional audio equipment in Canada, processing tens of thousands of orders yearly. We were tasked with rebuilding the website to be more user-friendly, and have an updated, cleaner user experience with a more streamlined checkout experience.

At the same time, I was working on the rebrand to Music City Canada. the idea behind the name change was to further push the company. Originally PA Shop was a Pro Audio solutions company, the brand made sense. Since then they had grown to service many different parts of the industry. Music City was an easy fit, a one-stop-shop for all things music, Canada added at the end as a proud statement, and to help differentiate from any relation to Nashville.

The transition from the PA Shop to Music City Canada went off without a hitch, and this year the company has increased sales significantly online.