Project Description

DESIGN Branding, Print Design
VIDEO Conceptualization, Directing Editing, Motion FX, Live Streaming
WEB Design, WordPress Development
MARKETING Content Creation, Social Media Marketing

Otherwise Fine is a music collaboration with my partner. We originally met DJing at the same nightclub in London Ontario. He moved to France for work and found himself with more time to write music. He came to me with the idea of joining up as a duo to release music. I loved the direction of the project and we got to work immediately.

The name Otherwise Fine was a tongue in cheek ode to the type of music we were making: chill, melancholy, melodic electronic music. The logo had to display the same satirical juxtaposition between Otherwise and Fine, which is why ‘Fine’ is outlined.

  • iWANTu - Cover Art
  • Garden State - iWANTu EP Rollout
  • Notebook - iWANTu EP Rollout
  • Drive - iWANTu EP Rollout
  • 500 Days - iWANTu EP Rollout
  • Friends - iWANTu EP Rollout

Our first EP, ‘iWANTu’ released in November of 2018. The album art, like most projects, was inspired by the vibe of the album. We latched onto the feeling of “a better time”, an ode to the past. One moment we both resonated with was going to the movie chain Blockbuster – which is what birthed the direction of the release. Being located on separate continents we have had plenty of hurdles to overcome with releasing music. One has been creating promotional content – the traditional route of getting “band photos” taken, or going out and filming a promotional video wasn’t feasible so we had to get creative. We circled back to the Blockbuster and decided to recreate iconic movie scenes using music from the album as the soundtrack. Being forced to think outside the box, we were able to roll out a proper campaign for the project, and people loved it.

  • iWANTu - Cover Art
  • Garden State - iWANTu EP Rollout
  • Notebook - iWANTu EP Rollout

My next task was to film a music video for the debut single, “iWANTu”. Being a passion project, I had a minimal budget to work with. I wanted to tie in the inspiration for the song as well as the album for the concept of the video.

I wrote, produced, directed, filmed, and edited the video.

I have been responsible for the art direction on every single we have released.
Social media campaigns announcing the track and encouraging pre-saves, advertising the release of the track, and general social media posts.

Recently I finished up the website Simplicity was key here, we wanted an intuitive site that easily conveyed all the information to any visitors. With simplicity being the main goal the website needed to work just as well on mobile devices as it did on desktops.

Another hurdle we have had to overcome was the pandemic, we decided to turn to live streams as a way to engage with our fanbase. We alternated weekly performances. For my streams, I wanted to stand out from the influx of other artists turning to streaming platforms. I prepared motion graphics based on a setlist, synced lighting to audio, filmed, and combined everything optimized for either viewing on mobile devices or laptops and TVs.

Since launching our project we have over a million streams on Spotify and Apple Music, placements on editorial playlists, acknowledgment from established artists in our genre, and multiple number 1 positions on the HypeM chart 🙂