Project Description

DESIGN Brand Design, Print Design
VIDEO Conceptualization, Directing, Editing, Motion Graphics + VFX
MARKETING Content Creation, Corporate Partnerships, Social Media Campaigns, Promotions
Events Branding, Marketing, Planning

I was originally brought into The Belfort as a Resident DJ. That summer the nightclub had a change of management and with it came a rebrand. The management team was unhappy with the state of the rebrand and when they found out I had branding and marketing experience in the industry they reached out to see if I could be of any help. Located in a city with a very high post-secondary student concentration – they were on a tight schedule to launch in a week for September when students came back to town. I drew inspiration from the movie based on the life of Jordan Belfort, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ for the logo and branding. It was my first time turning around a logo in such a short amount of time – and I am proud that 5 years later the branding I created is still strong and relevant.

After that my responsibility as Resident DJ expanded as I was offered the role of Creative Director for the club and brought onto the management team. Weekly I was tasked with building promotions for weekly nights as well as special events. We partnered with brands such as Redbull, Ciroc, and Jack Daniels to promote events on social media. Utilizing video, motion graphics, and strong nightly branding I was able to consistently produce content that was heavily engaged with.

2019 we partnered with a local fraternity and created a quarterly outdoor event series with ‘Tent Party.’ I was tasked with creating separate branding for the series that tied back to The Belfort. I then created marketing for promotion, ticket sales, and artist announcements. We partnered with Sirius XM and I worked with them to make sure their brand was properly represented. I was also responsible for A/V and lighting for the event and created motion graphics for the stage. Being spread thin having to coordinate AV on top of also DJing I had to have a media team there to capture the event and then I took those assets for content afterwards as well as marketing future events.

My time with The Belfort has been very influential for my professional development. Having initially been hired as a DJ, I never expected to have the role and responsibilities I have now. Being given artistic freedom has allowed me to routinely push my style, and seeing results weekly has pushed me to continue growing.